Encounters in Knowing How to Be

The knowledge of Taita Iachak, Alberto Taxo
will be transmitted to those who want to experience life
through the path of the heart

In the Encuentros, Alberto Taxo shares the teachings he learned from his grandparents, because he feels that it is the pacha—spacetime—to share this mystical path, with the principles and techniques that have been kept secret until now. In the Encuentro each person will move towards this knowing.

What is important is to be allied in an intimate way, with the elements, through spiritual, emotional, physical and mental sensitizing—to come to be in communication, rapport and vibration with all the beings that populate Mother Earth (elemental, vegetable, animal and mineral), and to experience other forms of perception, in order to obtain healing for ourselves and other beings.

A Master Iachak of the Atis people of the Kichwa nation in Ecuador, Alberto is skilled at bringing the teachings of the condor to serious students in the west. His "Encuentros" provide advanced training to those who would learn to experience the present moment through connection with the elements—earth, air, fire, water and Ushai.

These residential programs penetrate deeply, shattering cultural and genetic programming and enabling us to move with power and grace into the times to come. As Alberto's students, we take a quantum leap, fulfilling the prophecy that in these times the Eagle (mind) and the Condor (heart) will fly in the same sky. This life-changing experience is offered on the East Coast and, by appointment, in Ecuador.

Note: Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a bathing suit.